Founded in 1980


 Founded in 1980


Rosink-Werkstätten – A Global Player

Rosink-Werkstätten is a certified specialist in the developing and producing of heat exchangers like the finned tubes heat exchanger, fully welded spiral finned tubes and boiler cleaning systems.

Since more than 40 years, Rosink proves itself as a reliable partner for national and international customers every day. Rosink finds solutions and drive developments forward to protect raw material resources.

The whole team stands for the committed and competent provision of services with a high level of safety and quality consciousness. Instead of anonymous mass production Rosink is influenced by the experience, knowledge and inspiration of the staff. The modern equipment provides the best basis for the high-quality production.

Rosink is the competent contact for all demands relating to heat recovery equipment and waste heat systems. With service, maintenance and repair, Rosink supports customers worldwide to ensure scheduled and cost-saving operations. Continuous progress in research and development strengthen the good market position in products such as finned tubes heat exchangers and finned tubes.

The extended executive


of Rosink-Werkstätten

Janek Moggert

General Management

Phone +49 5921 8820-320

Sven Moggert

Commercial Management

Phone +49 5921 8820-87

Volker Hummel

Head of Cleaning System Division

Phone +49 5921 8820-13

Fabian Franke

Head of Fintubes Division

Phone +49 5921 8820-79

Norbert Hassing

Head of Heat Exchanger Division

Phone +49 5921 8820-16

Reachable for you


Sales Heat Exchanger

Norbert Hassing

+49 5921 8820-16

Sales Finned Tubes

Fabian Franke

+49 5921 8820-79

Sales Boiler Cleaning Systems

Volker Hummel

+49 5921 8820-13


Niklas Dove

+49 5921 8820-27


Ralf Kwiatkowski

+49 5921 8820-89


Shahin Rahimmalek

+49 5921 8820-63

Procurement/ Materials Management

Thorsten Gräser

+49 5921 8820-26

Human Ressources

Reiner Liening

+49 5921 8820-53

HSE Management

Julian Dahlke

+49 5921 8820-520


+49 (0)173 713 804 0

Local partners

International Sales

Rosink-Werkstätten – A Global Player

Apart from taking care of our international customers from our office in Nordhorn we are convinced that customer care has to be ensured by local partners. 

In cooperation with our partners and representatives we continually work on our international presence. Are you interested in our international business or in an international partnership?
So please do not hesitate to contact us!

Global Success

International represented in …

Occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Quality at Rosink-Werkstätten

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

Rosink-Werkstätten bears responsibility for employees, customers, society and the environment. Therefore, the topics of health, occupational safety, environment and quality are ascribed of highest importance. Our HSEQ management is responsible for the implementation of the relevant group principles and supports the perception of corporate responsibility towards customers, employees and society.

In order to meet our HSEQ requirements, Rosink-Werkstätten supports and encourages a positive error culture, openness and transparency as well as a continuous improvement process. With our professional QMS, we guarantee that our products and services meet our customers’ high demands. Our QMS has been DIN/ISO 9001 certified since 1997.

Our demands for quality can be measured against national and international standards: Rosink-Werkstätten holds all certifications which are required for our wide range of supplies and services.



Head of quality management

Ralf Kwiatkowski

+49 5921 8820-89

+49 5921 8820-20

Occupational safety specialist

HSE Management

Julian Dahlke

+49 5921 8820-520

+49 5921 8820-20

About Rosink




More than 40 years of experience in the design and production of heat recovery equipment, global acting specialist in welded fin tubes, leader in the specific technology of heating surface cleaning systems.

Short Facts:

  • more than 40 years of experience in construction and manufacturing
  • approx. 150 employees
  • high-quality products with several certifications
  • patented technologies ensure our success

Factory and Office:

  • indoor surface: 20.377 m²
  • outdoor surface: 62.591 m²


Takeover by Werkstätten-Group


Construction of an additional production hall in a size of 3.690 m2, as well as an annex to the administration building with a floor space of 380 m2.


Since October we introduce ourselves with new name and new logo. Now we are called: „Bilfinger Rosink“.


Effective from 28 Oct. 2011 Bilfinger Berger Power Service GmbH is the new owner of Rosink Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH.


Start of the production of the Rosink HAMMER single rapping cylinder.


“U Fins Rosink” is named at the heating technique software of KED.


Rosink is 2008 the worldwide leading producer of welded finned tubes.


Rosink acquires the activities of insolvent FEG Heizflaechen-Reinigungsanlagen GmbH in Datteln. FEG used to produce shot cleaning systems for the cleaning of downstream heating surfaces. Rosink now offers an extended portfolio for surface cleaning systems.


Rosink acquires the activities of the Belgium Mannesmann subsidiary Carnoy Fintube NV. In 2006 Rosink complements the NOH-FIN production with HF-finned tubes.


Rosink extends the product line of heating surface cleaning systems by very efficient water cannons RWC and the patented water spraying system RWS. The fintube division completes their production programm with a new machine for steel finned single or twin-tubes (“H”-fin).


In view of the increasing market for finned tubes, Rosink further increases their finning capacity to 18 machines running in two or three shifts per day.


Rosink takes over the activities of the company Wärmetechnik Stummsdorf, a producer of surface cleaning systems for heat exchangers and boilers.


Rosink-Contracting-Modell was awarded the “Preis der Deutschen Gaswirtschaft”.


Rosink moves into the new production plant located at the Otto-Hahn-Strasse in Nordhorn / Germany.


Due to the good development of the division for equipment manufacturing it is made independent as “Rosink Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH”. Mr. Bruendermann becomes co-partner.


Rosink takes over NORMA GmbH and administration moves from Lingen to Nordhorn.


Take-over and integration of the company into Rosink GmbH + Co. Maschinenfabrik.


Foundation of the Jäger Wärmetechnische Geräte GmbH & Co. KG in Lingen. They used to produce heat exchangers for end customers.

Your chance


at Rosink-Werkstätten

Are you enthusiastic about technology in all its facets? You want to work in an international environment? And you want to move forward? Then you are exactly right at Rosink-Werkstätten.

With our approx. 150 employees we manufacture plants and components for heat exchangers and boiler cleaning systems for our customers in Germany and abroad. Due to our patented processes and production technologies we are among the world’s largest manufacturers in this field.

With our company you have a dependable partner at your side that established its reputation with reliability and flexibility for more than 40 years. Our team stands for the committed and competent provision of services with a high level of safety and quality consciousness.

To promote the health and well-being of our employees, we offer a company fitness program in cooperation with Qualitrain.

We are currently looking for:

We offer apprenticeships in the following areas:

  • Industrial business management assistant (m/f)
  • Mechanical Engineer (m/f)
  • Mechatronics (m/f)
  • Electrical Engineer (m/f)
  • Technical Product Designer (m/f)
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
  • Construction mechanic (steel- and metal construction / welding technology)

We also offer internships for the one-year vocational school.


Human Ressources

Reiner Liening

+49 5921 8820-53

+49 5921 8820-20

Affilated companies

We make optimum use of the networking and synergy opportunities with our affiliated companies. Our customers benefits from the collaboration and bundled competences of the Werkstätten Group that enable us to offer a broad range of services. We combine the knowledge, experience and quality management from several customers for the benefit of our customers.  You can find out more about our affiliated companies on their corresponding websites.