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Rosink-Werkstätten GmbH

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Rosink-Werkstätten GmbH Our Company

Since the founding in 1980, Rosink-Werkstätten has gained reputation as a reliable partner in the field of finned tubes heat exchangers, finned tubes, economizers and boiler cleaning systems like the rapping system. With the newest technical equipment and a competent staff, Rosink faces all customer-specific and location-specific challenges. The entire team stands for dedicated, safe and quality-conscious service.

Engineering is one of the mainstays of the company. Rosink manufactures heat exchangers like the finned tubes heat exchanger and economizers for various applications and participated in extensive experience with producing heat recovery equipment and waste heat systems. 

The fully welded helically finned tubes are produced by the patented NOH process. Additionally double and single rectangular finned tubes complement the production program.

The comprehensive boiler cleaning systems include all equipment needed for the professional and safe cleaning of heating surfaces in power plants and industrial boilers.

In the interests of the customers, Rosink combines the designing and manufacturing of heat exchangers, finned tubes, economizers and other products with a versatile range of services like the identifying of optimization potential. 

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