Water Spraying System RWS

The Rosink-Werkstätten Water Spraying System RWS also called „wet cleaning“ was specifically designed for the cleaning of those parts of the boiler that have been difficult to access so far. This is especially the case for open passes of incinerators and their platen heating surfaces.

The simple and proven cleaning is carried out by four staggered water outlet nozzles that are offset by 90 degrees in two different levels of a nozzle head. In order to achieve a proper and complete cleaning, the nozzle head is swiveled approx. 90° around the vertical axis and moved down and up, so the jets of water are describing a helical path in sectionally different levels during the cleaning process on the boiler wall corresponding to the respective boiler symmetry.

The special feature of this solution is the special flexible hose that is lowered from the swiveling drum located above the insertion gate nozzle on the top of the boiler. Due to the swiveling movement, the nozzle head is rotating during travelling into the boiler. This leads to significantly lower friction and lower wear of the hose. This is clearly the best solution especially for bended feeding systems.

Even existing systems can be retrofitted with the Rosink-Werkstätten Water Spraying System without major modifications. An adjustment of the pressure and the amount of water and the selection of appropriate nozzles ensures that despite abrasive cleaning of the deposits does not lead to increased wear of the boiler walls.