Soot Blowers

Depending on requirement and availability, steam, compressed air and water are possible cleaning media for the soot blowers. The cleaning medium under pressure is converted into velocity in the nozzles. The kinetic energy of the blowing jet cleans the heating surfaces.

We can offer various soot blower types appropriate for each purpose. All Rosink-Werkstätten soot blowers are designed and manufactured at our plants in Nordhorn/Germany.

Long Retractable Blower

Long Retractable Blower, LSB II

The blowtube is moved completely into and out of the boiler with a 360° helical movement. Cleaning takes place by means of 2 opposite nozzles using steam or air. Long retractable sootblowers are mainly applied in case of high flue gas temperatures above 500°C.

Rosink-Werkstätten’s long retractable sootblowers are equipped with a staggered blowing jet as standard and stand out due to a sturdy and durable steel construction.

Long Retractable Blower, LSB III

As for the LSBII the blowtube is moved completely into and out of the boiler with a 360° helical movement. The LSB III is applied in case of travels larger than 4800 mm and is particularly suitable for large boiler systems.

It has a special drive concept with toothed rack and chain drive as well as a special frame. The long blowtube is guided by specific supports.


Drive system with chain and gear wheels

Short Retractable Blower


A part of the blowtube of the short retractable sootblower remains inside the boiler. The other part is situated outside the boiler. For cleaning the exterior part is moved into the boiler with a 360° helical movement.

The Short Retractable Blower is mainly applied in case of flue gas temperatures up to approx. 500°C. Cleaning takes place by means of a selected number of nozzles using steam or air.

The part of the blowtube located inside the boiler is guided and fixed at the tube bundles with roller supports.

Drive system with doble blowing pattern

Rake Blower, TB


The rake blower TB has a blowing rake that can be axially shifted and is equipped with several transverse tubes. These transverse tubes are provided with nozzles directed perpendicular to the tube/fin lanes.

For the blowing process the blowing rake is moved axially back and forth by means of the motor drive, so that the flue gas pass is cleaned from deposits and ashes.

The blowing rake is guided by means of lateral or central guiding rails or by guiding tubes with lift-off protection.


Drive system and covering

Rotary Blower, DB


The rotary blower DB is equipped with a nozzle tube and the nozzles are directed at the tube banks. By the rotary movement of the nozzle tube during the blowing process the flue gas passes are cleaned from deposits and ashes. The angle of rotation can be adjusted to the boiler situation.

The nozzle tube remains in the flue gas flow and is protected against deflection by means of tube supports.

The material is selected according to the flue gas temperatures.

Rotary blowers clean with steam or air and are applied in smaller boilers with slight fouling and little space.

Wall blower


The wall blower WB is equipped with a blow head located in the wall box while in idle mode so that it is protected against too strong impacts of heat. During the blowing process the blow head is moved out of the wall box and cleans a defined part of the rear heating surfaces from deposits.

The wall blower can be applied at nearly any flue gas temperature that may occur in firing chambers. The blow head is made of a highly temperature-resistant material. The configuration of the blow head is adjusted to the respective job requirements.

Drive system and covering

Special Blowers: Oscillating Soot Blower, PB and Dual-media Soot Blower, ZB

Rosink also designs and manufactures special blower models taking into consideration the specific service conditions, e. g. soot blowers with oscillating drive or dual-media soot blowers.