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Fully welded Rosink finned tubes

Rosink-Werkstätten has been worldwide developing, producing and distributing spiral and rectangular finned tubes made of steel since 1985 and has developed into one of the leading companies in this field. Finned tubes are the main components of economizers, heat recovery boilers and numerous other industrial heat exchanger applications. They are used for heat recovery in gas and steam power plants, district heating power plants, reactors and furnaces for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Renowned international boiler manufacturers, chemical and petrochemical companies as well as engineering and project development companies source their finned tubes from Rosink and rely on the company’s certified quality and comprehensive service.

30,000 tons finned tube production capacity per year

According to developments in the aforementioned industries, the annual production output was steadily increased. More than 10 production machines are available for the production of finned tubes. This includes several HF machines and resistance projection welding machines. Thus, customer requirements can be met quickly, reliably and flexibly, regardless of the quantity.

Qualified Finning Method

Rosink H finned tubes

H finned tube are produced as single or double tubes according to customer specifications. They are especially suitable for dusty flue gases, e.g. economizers in:

  • Biomass plants
  • Coal fired units
  • Oil fired units
  • Waste incinerators

A straight flue gas flow and an appropriate fin spacing reduce possible soot deposits on the heating surfaces and facilitate cleaning and maintenance work.

Standard finning options for double finned tubes:

Single or double

High-frequency helically finned tubes

Rosink spiral finned tubes are the main components of economizers, heat recovery boilers and numerous other industrial heat exchanger applications. They are available with solid fins or with segmented fins. The geometry of Rosink finned tubes is adapted to specific customer requirements and flue gas characteristics.

Solid fins

The fins are screwed onto the tube and the fin is continuously welded to the tube.

Serrated fins

The fin strip is slotted at short intervals. A remaining height of 5 mm is left unslotted, which forms the continuous fin base. During helical welding of the strip, the individual segments divide at the clean end, thus forming rectangular serrated fins. Serrated fins are used in clean conditions such as natural gas firing.

Standard fin materials

Almost any combination of tube and fin can be processed. However, the most commonly used fin materials are:

Standard finning options for helically finned tubes:

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